Healthier Alternatives for Snacks, Desserts and Drinks

Slimming down can be a particular challenge when if requires you to give up your favourite snacks and desserts. Once you start reading the lists of what you shouldn’t eat because it is high in calories and low in nutritional value, the dieting can become tiresome.

So, here’s a trick. Instead of putting together a list of forbidden treats, try replacing them with something healthier. Psychologically, you will not feel so restrained, while physically your body will recognise the difference. And the best thing is – you might actually end up developing new, healthy long-term eating habits!

317185e1572cef47ccf96e0a09ae90b767dcThis is an old advice, but it really works. If you have a habit to snack between the meals, whether the reason is hunger or simply a need to chew on something, replace the chips and crackers with nuts and vegetables. Of course, it’s not quite the same, but you might be surprised – some nuts can be tastier than chips. Walnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts, almonds, cashew nuts… take your pick!

Still, keep in mind that while nuts have good nutritional value, they are also rich in calories. If you need to lower your calorie intake, try snacking on vegetables instead. Carrots are a popular choice, but you might prefer broccoli or radish. There are many vegetables out there, and one of them might just prove to be a perfect snack for you. Find more snack recipes with, a site we recommend to anyone wanting to start a new diet.

What about the desserts? If you’re fond of ice-cream, try frozen yoghurt instead. While you’re on a diet, this low-fat alternative will help you to slim down if you can’t resist an occasional frozen dessert. If you’re making a cake at home, try using healthy recipe substitutions.

When it comes to drinks, you probably know that water is the best choice. Still, once you get the urge to drink something with more flavour, avoid soft drinks and drink flavoured water instead. You can even make flavoured water yourself!

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