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Is Sports Betting Similar to Regular Gambling?

Sports betting is a massive industry, and in any country it is allowed it brings in millions every month. The reason why it is so popular is that many people love to watch and participate in sport and they many … Continue reading

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Healthier Alternatives for Snacks, Desserts and Drinks

Slimming down can be a particular challenge when if requires you to give up your favourite snacks and desserts. Once you start reading the lists of what you shouldn’t eat because it is high in calories and low in nutritional … Continue reading

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Improving Your Swimming Fitness

At first, if you want to become a better swimmer, it might be enough to swim regularly and to eat a healthy diet. Once you reach a certain point and become an excellent swimmer, improving your swimming fitness becomes a … Continue reading

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Are Barefoot Running Shoes Bad for You?

Barefoot running shoes have helped spur a recent surge in the popularity of barefoot-style running. Advocates of barefoot running believe that it is more natural than wearing shoes and therefore likely to prevent many painful foot and leg injuries related … Continue reading

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New Gadgets in Health

As we integrate technology into all parts of our lives, e.g. we play the best online casinos on the go – on our phone – more and more different types of technology are being developed to benefit us in our … Continue reading

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High Jump Drills for Beginners

High jump is one of the most elegant disciplines of track & field – looking at the high jumpers soar over the bar makes the whole process seem fun and easy. Well, at least it might seem that way to … Continue reading

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Lessons to be learned from elite Athletes

There is a strange aura that surrounds professional sportsmen and women. It’s as if they are superhuman and don’t think or act in the same way as the rest of us. The reality, however, is that there is much that … Continue reading

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What is the World’s Next Big Sport?

A new sport is taking over the world and it goes by the unusual name of “Kronum”. It was only invented in 2008, but it is already taking the world by storm, with a professional league already established in Pennsylvania … Continue reading

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Free Running and Parkour: The World’s Newest Martial Arts

Parkour has been jokingly called the martial art of running away, but anybody who has seen a skilled parkour or free running athlete in motion knows that it is nothing to be mocked. The level of skill that a free … Continue reading

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