What is the World’s Next Big Sport?

A new sport is taking over the world and it goes by the unusual name of “Kronum”. It was only invented in 2008, but it is already taking the world by storm, with a professional league already established in Pennsylvania in the United States. Unlike many trendy new sports, Kronum takes it cues from several established games ranging from football to basketball and handball.

Part of its appeal is the fact that it draws from the sport traditions of many different parts of the world, meaning it has a universal quality that is already drawing fans in from all over. Kronum teams are made up of ten players, who work to score as many points as possible on the opposing team in the fashion of traditional football, exception being it has the addition of full contact as in rugby. It also uses a specially designed ball that is a variation on the traditional football or volleyball. Play allows the ball to be dribbled, as in basketball, or to be handled with the hands and knees.

Kronum is at the moment primarily being played in the United States, although interest across the world is quickly growing as a result of the game’s thriving social network. For what I’ve seen, a lot of people are opting for payday loans Canada as a way of financing their gear to get ready and be on top of the Kronum competitions. This marks a new trend in sport, where new games are being created and spread at a rapid pace. While traditional sports will always be popular more and more people are turning to these new games.

One of the greatest things about these new games is the fact that those players who take part will have the chance to help develop the sport, something which hasn’t been seen in a long while. Many trendy new sports have come and gone, but the interest that has sprung up around Kronum means that it could potentially be here to stay.

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